Israeli Jazz

The startup nation is also a jazz nation!

There is a strong fact no jazz amateur and professional can ignore is the arrival of a wave of  Israeli jazzmen in global jazz scene in the early 2000s and the growing place they have now in the main clubs and festivals globally. Today those musicians are giving Israel a premium position in the global jazz arena and their skills and quality made them very demanded in any jazz place in the world.

When considering the size of the country and how it is known globally today (geo-politic, startup nation, religion, agriculture, …) we started this project to present the today situation and help understand how this achievement has been made possible.

The project started with a collection of photographs of Israeli jazzmen I had the chance to meet and listen performing, for whom we wrote a biography. Then, with a group of specialists we documented how the jazz started in Israel, the strong education system that has been created and how is made the preparation of the most skilled students to grow their career internationally.  

This site is the presentation of our project, the complete website will open in Nov 2023 after the release of the book and we are glad to keep you informed of the next steps soon.

This project led me to invest long time to explore and document this situation by cooperating with musicologists, educators, managers and of course with musicians. I wanted to show to the widest audience how Israel accomplished this success.

You can be part of the project and help broadcast this story of IsraeliJazz.