Israeli Jazz

IsraeliJazz book

The IsraeliJazz book is an essential part of the project, and a lot of research has been conducted to collate the information. Lee Caplan, specialist of Israeli jazz education system and musicology professor in New Jersey and Yair Dagan, Israeli writer who wrote the first book about Israeli jazz are participating to the content of the Israelijazz book.

It will be an art book with high quality of design, material, printing process and also high level information and content.


The book will start with a presentation about Israeli jazz. The second part the book will present 78 musicians with their biographies and some photographs made by Raphael Perez.

Format: Hard cover, 29 x 35 cm and art-quality printing, 220 pages.

Published in French and English, available globally.

Release date : November 2024

Price: 49$ / 49€