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The IsraeliJazz book has been started as a Raphael Perez photographs collection initiated by himself. When he started to write the biographies of the jazzmen he shot, he started to realize the richness and structure of this sector in Israel as well as the links with the US and the high level of the education system in Israel and links between those musicians.

Raphael made more research to have a full view and analysis of what happened in Israel between 1980 when no one Israeli jazzmen was performing oversee with no specific schools in the country until our days when we have hundreds of Israeli musicians touring the work and highly demanded for bookings.

After reading everything available on the topic he met 2 of the rare global specialists that have then accepted to collaborate together for writing the first part of the book with Raphael.

– Lee Caplan is a Musicology professor at New Jersey University who wrote his thesis in 2017 about jazz in Israel and he is a specialist on the jazz education system in Israel and in the USA.
– Yair Dagan is an Israeli writer who wrote the only book about how jazz started in Israel, called “Jazz in Israel – the First 50 Years” published by Steimatzky (2015).
Table of contents
  • - Thanks
  • - Introduction
  • - The history and state of art of the Jazz in Israel
    • - Jazz in Israel: 50 first years 1930 – 1980
    • - The jazz blossom in Israel: 1980 – 2010
      • o The history of the 3 young musicians who travelled to New York and inititated the History
    • - The geography/politic influences
    • - The cultural influence for Israeli jazzmen
    • - New York: The global hub of Israeli Jazz
      • o The dream and the place to be for all young Israeli jazzmen
    • - The jazz education system in Israel
      • o How it started and how it was established
      • o Yuval Dagan, an aspiring musician, testimonial, experience and projects
    • - The jazz club and festivals in Israel
    • - Biographies and photographs of 78 Israeli jazzmen and jazzwomen

The first part of the book includes historical photographs of Israeli jazzmen and bands. The Education chapter will be illustrated with the experience of a 2022 graduated sax player starting his career and explaining the place of the Army national service. Major jazz professional kindly accepted to tell us their histories and views on the Israeli jazz development.