Israeli Jazz

Avishaï Cohen

Oded Tzur

Eli Degibri

Tamir Hendelman

Omer Avital

Jazz music is a pure American cultural product originated by African-American in North America. All along the 20th century this music continued to develop all over the world and to get enriched with the incorporation of new variations, new melodies, and new instruments from different places of the world.

When working at doing my photographs in jazz clubs there is strong new fact no one can ignore, this is the arrival of the Israeli jazzmen and their growing number offering Israel a major position in the global jazz arena.

Compared to the size of the country this is a very curious fact and very few people out of the industry noticed that.

I started the IsraeliJazz project with the intention to write a book mostly with my photographs and a short bios for each musician. Starting my research, I have been fascinated to see how growing the number of Israeli jazzmen touring the world was and how the education and selection systems were made to allow this success.

This led me to invest more time to explore and document this situation by cooperating with musicologists, educators, managers and of course with musicians. I wanted to show why the Startup Nation may also be a Jazz Nation. I did it on this project with a book to be released in February 2023, a series of exhibitions starting in October 2022 and a digital platform to launched in December 2022. You are now in the project presentation website.

You can be part of the project and help broadcast this story of IsraeliJazz.

You can be part of the project and help broadcast this story of IsraeliJazz.

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